Travel the last week has me plowing through a few, here are recent comedy podcasts I've enjoyed. If you're new to podcasts, here's a primer: Podcast 101 🚨Again these have NSFW language so put your 🎧 in.
  1. Kevin Pollak's Chat Show - Larry David
    First long-form interview I've heard with LD, there are some good Seinfeld tidbits, talk about working with Woody Allen, pulling a George at SNL, and plenty of classic neurosis.
  2. Come To Papa - Jerry Seinfeld
    The only other long-form Seinfeld interview I've heard, he gives some insight about coming up as a comedian and a gem about when/how he decided to end the show after 9 seasons. Found this via the Laughable app - which is a curator of comedian episodes of podcasts. Get the app in the iTunes App Store - the Seinfeld episode is here:
  3. Norm Macdonald Live - Stephen Merchant
    🎩 tip to @angusisley as I didn't know this podcast existed until he mentioned it here on Stephen Merchant co-created the original (British) Office and was phenomenal on HBO's "Hello, Ladies" which I cannot recommend enough. This interview is hilarious and vulgar at times, I LOL a few time in DTW airport listening to it...
  4. *Over time some of these podcasts will cycle off of iTunes - you can likely find them via the "Laughable" app in the App Store.