Travel for work has me listening to podcasts regularly, here are recent comedy podcasts I've enjoyed. If you're new to podcasts, here's a primer: Podcast 101 🚨Again these have NSFW language so put your 🎧 in.
  1. The Nerdist - Jason Alexander
    S/O to @justjills for alerting me to this podcast (you'll probably see a few of these coming up). I've never heard Jason Alexander interviewed before so was pumped for it. Did you know Alexander isn't his last name? Did you know he's been doing Stand-Up for the last 7 years? Did you know he was in a McDonald's commercial? Did you know the version of "Pretty Woman" you know and love wasn't what was on the page?
  2. Kevin Pollak's Chat Show - Bill Hader
    Older episode from just after "The Skeleton Twins" came out. Great insight into his time on SNL, background, work on South Park, plenty of his infectious laugh, and even an appearance by Stefan!
  3. Mohr Stories - Kevin Pollak
    Sorry lots of KP lately. This is a good one if you enjoy impressions (Christopher Walken in particular), and stories about movies (Usual Suspects, Casino). I love impressions and these two are terrific at them, hearing them riff off of each other is hilarious.