Travel for work has me listening to podcasts regularly, here are recent comedy podcasts I've enjoyed. If you're new to podcasts, here's a primer: Podcast 101 🚨Again these have NSFW language so put your 🎧 on.
  1. Bill Simmons Podcast - Jimmy Kimmel and Cousin Sal Post-Oscars
    So this one is a little late for the Oscar epilogue, but I really enjoyed this short (1 hour) behind the scenes recap of the Oscars with Jimmy Kimmel, explaining how it works, some insight into the Faye Dunaway debacle (Warren Beatty shouldn't be the focal point of that whole thing), and general funniness.
  2. You Made It Weird - Artie Lange & Judd Apatow
    I was not prepared for this episode, and it is a great example of why I enjoy podcasts. I never would have imagined Artie F-ing Lange would elicit actual, real emotional tears from me. Powerful, real stuff.
  3. The Adam Carolla Show - David Packouz and Jo Koy
    Packouz is one of the real-life people portrayed in the movie "War Dogs" (which I enjoyed/recommend) and is fascinating, and Jo Koy is a hilarious comedian. One of the better ACS episodes I've listened to recently.