Fictional Characters Who I Would Take a Bullet For Probably

Ideally a flesh wound. Inspired by @wrchrt.
  1. Samwise Gamgee
    Nobody is watching Sam's back while he does the most difficult job in Middle Earth. I got you, bro.
  2. Tipo and Chaca
    Adorable little scamps, unwittingly caught up in Kuzco's real estate scam. Mom's preggers and doesn't have her usual lateral movement - I gots this, Pacha and Chicha.
  3. Louise Banks
    The fate of humanity rests with her!!!
  4. Coach Taylor
    He's MY coach. I don't care what school comes gunning for him, those bullets have to come through me. I got this, @kcupcaker
  5. Elaine Benes
    I mean, after taking a bullet, I'd get at least one date with her, right? And the show isn't the same without her.....
  6. Kenny Powers
  7. Drew Holt
    Sorely lacking in father-figures (ergo, bullet-takers), the bullet I'd take is likely due to some shenanigans Amber got him into. Worth it for the best of the Braverman grandchildren.
  8. Charlize Theron
    She's not real. It's not possible for a human to be that perfect, and she must be saved.