Thank you for the List Request! This was a fun one to think about - hopefully this gives you a tiny respite from your current situation.....
  1. Real Snail Mail 📪
    I'm the one who goes to the mailbox every day and then sorts the junk mail and bills. Getting a real, live, mailed by a human piece of mail of some kind is a rare occurrence, so when I do get one, it makes me smile. I think this harkens back to my youth, when I had pen-pals and at one point a long-distance girlfriend I used to correspond with in long, multi-page hand-written letters.
  2. List Requests 📝
    They literally do make me smile - I'm always honored, especially these days. They're so rare! I used to send them out to every Follower I had all at once; I used to communicate with users with them before Direct/Private Messages; I used to pride myself on picking up on little nuggets in people's lists/comments and getting a quality Requested list out of it. Now they're like Snail Mail.
  3. Poop 💩
    Not literally, that's gross - my four boys know that dropping that word in randomly around their parents, especially at inappropriate times (dinner, in public, etc), will make it difficult to keep a straight face - especially for me. So they each have been known to replace words in songs with "poop" or respond to serious questions with it or just randomly yell it out of the blue. But like good comedians, they know to use it in moderation....
  4. Music 🎶
    When I'm not in a good mood, or stressed, or unmotivated, or traveling - the right song/playlist can fix that quickly. But the smile comes from hearing a new song, or hitting "shuffle" and hearing a song I hadn't thought of or heard in a long time. Currently - "Brand New" by Ben Rector.
  5. This GIF 😄
    I can't help but at least smile every time I see it when scrolling through my very small collection of GIFs on my work phone - I send it at least once every week or two when talking about work. It reminds me of my boys. I'm a monster.