Requested by @eetak
Thanks for the request @eetak !!
  1. My second was a drawing by @brittmaag of my first profile pic that she awesomely out a mustache on.
  2. My first was a selfie on a mountain from January 2015 (Whistler, BC).
  3. My third was a selfie on a mountain in February 2016 (Vail, CO).
    I got some grief because it was with my mirrored goggles on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Current is in my office, showing support for my team in the tournament (big win last night against the Skunkbears!!)
    I'm looking off in to the distance, contemplating the meaning of life and wondering if that mark on the wall from my toddlers is going to come off or not.
  5. 😊