Thanks for the LR @wilmotwrites !
  1. Hey there, thanks for coming over! Glad you guys could make it.
    Here, have a 🍺
  2. So how's your summer going? Yeah, it's been hot!
    That 🍺 looks like it's almost gone, here have another 🍺
  3. The sun is really beating down today, isn't it? It's like 95!
    Oh man I'm so thirsty, you want another 🍺? I'm getting one for myself I'll bring you one.
  4. I know what would cool us down, why don't we head out in the 🚤
    And have a few 🍺
  5. You should wear your suit though in case we jump in! The water's great.
    How's that 🍺 tasting? Need another? No? Ok...
  6. What's that? You don't swim in lakes - why not?!?
    Yore starting to slur your words a little bit, maybe you should slow down on the 🍺 because with the ☀️ it can dehydrate you quickly, here have some water.
  7. That's just silly. Here, watch your step getting from the dock to the 🚤
    It can be slippery. Done with that water? Ok just put the bottle over there and we'll put it in the recycling later.
  8. So we'll just cruise for a few minutes.
    Can you grab me a 🍺 from the cooler? You should grab one for yourself.
  9. *Halfway across lake* Uh-oh, something isn't right *engine shuts off*
  10. Hmmm, it looks like we are out of gas.
    Guess we'll have to finish the 🍺
  11. Can you see if the gas cap is still on? It's there in the back....
    Here let me hold your 🍺
  12. Yeah just stand on the back deck....
  13. *shoves into lake*
  14. Drives 🚤 away
  15. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯