Or maybe that should be "peculiar?" 🤔
  1. Static
    I can swallow pills with no liquid.
  2. Static
    I am a stellar DJ (for the 30+ crowd) and am always complimented on my mix choices.
  3. Static
    I will find our destination in the shortest possible time, regardless of distractions inside or outside the vehicle.
  4. Static
    I can mow extremely straight lines.
  5. Static
    I can name the title and artist of 96.3% of songs played in public places.
  6. Static
    I can name almost every member of the '85 Chicago Bears by position from memory.
  7. Static
    I can get up in front of any size group of people with little to no notice and effectively present the salient points needed.
  8. Static
    I am a very savvy (and stealthy) business traveler.
  9. Static
    I can predict the length of a Best Man's speech within 5 seconds, before he begins.
  10. Static
    I am a Microsoft PowerPoint and Word black belt level 5.
  11. Static
    I can beat a list topic/theme into the ground. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯