I'm Still Sorry

How are ya! Bennett Brauer, back with another commentary.
  1. Thought you'd seen the last of old Bennett, perhaps? Thought the network bigwigs would have sent Bennett and his negative "Q rating" on a slow boat to Shanghai?
  2. Maybe I don't.. "look the part"
    I'm not.. "svelte"
  3. I don't.. "look comfortable on camera"
    I'm not.. "sobby"
  4. I don't.. "understand what's going on in the news"
    I'm not.. "likeable"
  5. When I go to work, I don't.. "make eye contact"
    I don't.. "get along with people"
  6. I guess I.. don't.. "fit the mold"
    I'm not "buff"
  7. I don't.. "wear the latest clothes"
    Or, even ones that don't.. "reek"
  8. I really.. "like the new List App"
    I don't.. "Need people to shout their list titles at me"
  9. I don't.. "change my underwear"
    I don't have.. "firm breasts"
  10. I don't.. "exercise"
    And when I do sweat, I don't.. "shower"
  11. I'm not.. "spic-and-span"
    I don't.. "clean the area between my crotch and legs"
  12. But, for the time being, I guess the network.. "enforcers".. are opting for my reproach, until Joe Consumer tells them he'd rather get his two cents from commentators who don't.. "make babies cry"
    and don't.. "drink maple syrup straight from the bottle".
  13. And don't... "leave old, dried-up deodorant cakes under their arm for weeks at a time"..
    and, uh.. I'm flying. I'm flying! I'm flying!