Nobody asked, but when has that stopped me before? Sometimes I think to myself, especially when things are slow (and/or a new update drops) "why do I do this?" I thought there would only be a few reasons, but then......
  1. I enjoy the people that I interact with here.
    Still the nicest, smartest, genuine collection of phone friends I've ever come across.
  2. I like the format.
    Despite the changes, I find my ability to express my thoughts lining up well with lists.
  3. I am invested.
    17 months in, with a core group of people I Follow (and vice versa).
  4. You indulge my obsessions.
    Sunrises. Parenting. Seinfeld. Sports. Music. Podcasts. Comedy. Double-spacing after a period 😱. There are always at least a few people here willing to dish.
  5. I'm narcissistic.
    Likes and Comments are little drops of happiness.
  6. I'm kiiiind of a big deal. People know me.
    J/K, that's an Anchorman quote!!! But I like that people have a feel for who I am on
  7. I am also RL anonymous.
    Imagining sharing things I do here on Facebook or Twitter makes me dry-heave with anxiety.
  8. I need "social" interaction.
    I work from home (@andersun - holla), so I don't get the daily human interaction people get on a traditional office setting. And when I travel it's mostly work-related, superficial stuff.
  9. People are nice here, it's a legit community.
    I know I'm saying it again, but it's true. Despite the occasional hiccup, this place is nice and supportive. See: Secret Santa, college care packages, Galentines Day.
  10. I've still got things to list.
    After 564 lists 😳 I'm still waiting for the well to dry up, I honestly thought it would have long before now. Until it does..... *Post*
  11. I am slowing down on posting lists (now 625 😳😬), but I still feel like I want to read yours and like/comment.
    IG isn't really doing it for me, and Twitter is scary AF (to me).
  12. And @HobbyLobby @michaelsstores and @joannfabrics are still going at it...