Inspired by lots of people
  1. This is the first one. Dude (not me) playing the piano with his feet - cool.
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  2. Black and white of a kid (not me) writing with a prosthetic hand.
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  3. What I assume is the same guy from the first picture, only later in life. Drinking coffee with his feet, pic confirms he's missing at least one arm....
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  4. Is that a pan flute or something? Need to follow links here..... is a thing, people.
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    "An accomplished composer, recording artist, music producer and musician, Brett Nielsen uses his feet to play piano in the same way others would use their hands."
  5. Another pic of the kid with the prosthetic hand working on his bike. Is this the guy that plays the piano with his feet because it would explain a lot. More links to follow here.....
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  6. The musician as a child. There is a long article about him in a UK paper that I won't pay to read, looks like he was an Aussie that moved to the UK and had a documentary filmed on him in his youth.
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  7. This is not me, this guy looks like a cop or a lawyer and I am not a cop - or a lawyer.
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  8. Not me, thankfully - this guy looks like he drinks lots of Natty Light, eats tons of processed meats, and lives in Wisconsin.
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  9. I would like this to be me, but alas it is not. Facial expression is "are we done taking these pictures yet..."
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  10. EXTREME CLOSEUP (not me)
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  11. Computer selfie of not me again, likely for a dating site IMO. Hope he found love and is happy.
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  12. "Ya gotta make sure ya run yur DC line back in to the power coupler guys" says not me to a room full of electricians in training in a conference room in a Holiday Inn in Dunham, NC
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  13. WTH?!?!?!?!?!? That's me! J/K that's not me (I read List App not the paper)
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  14. I'll be this version of not me is in great shape and is a hit with the ladies, what with the dark complexion, the F you smirk, and the willingness to pose in a pool with mirrored goggles on.
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  15. Senior picture of not me - yearbook quote is "Who farted?"
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  16. Noooooot me with an assault rifle (or "long gun" if you side with the NRA) at a gun range.
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  17. This not me looks fun, like someone who works at a ski resort or marijuana dispensary.
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  18. MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE finally, same profile pic for the List App that I use on Twitter. I like this pic at the top of Whistler, BC from last January because it looks like me IMO and the hat covers up my hideous head goiter.
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  19. Hollllly creepy version of not me, hopefully this is makeup
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  20. Not me, and I disagree with the circle/slash. Even with Keanu Reeves in the picture, Charlize Theron is perfection. In every possible roll, picture, scenario, I find her to be breathtaking.
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  21. Not me in an older, awkward version of reality
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  22. Not me as a younger baseball player. Side note - I played baseball from the age of 9 through age 35. I miss it.
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  23. Again, the musician as a child. I watched his YouTube video "Isn't It A Pity" here and got the major feels - he was born that way due to a drug issue with a morning sickness pill (Thalidomide) distributed by a company called "Grunenthal." They just issued an apology, which seems very pointless based on the damages caused.
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