True confessions from a White Sox fan.
  1. My wife is an only child.
  2. My FIL has been a Cubs fan all of his 67 years.
    We took him to his first game at Wrigley for his 60th birthday.
  3. It's the one thing he is very passionate about.
    He watched them with his dad growing up, who passed away two summers ago having never seen a World Series victory for the Cubs.
  4. It's the one thing he and his daughter have always enjoyed together.
    It's one of two things he and I have a common language - the other is fishing.
  5. So I was invested. I was all in.
    Just like in 2004, when the collapse in the NLCS to the Marlins felt like a punch to the gut.
  6. And when they got that final out, I felt a rush surpassed only by the White Sox World Series win in 2005.
    (They only lost one game that entire playoff run, FYI. Just sayin'.)
  7. So when the jumping and hugging started, I will admit I got a little verklempt.
  8. He knows I'd never root for Michigan football (never. EVER.) but we hugged and celebrated last night.
  9. Congrats Chicago and Cubs fans, wherever you may be.
    Lovable losers no more.
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