January and February can be the wuuuuurst.
  1. Things have changed, amiright?
  2. No more Drafts folder, with a number staring at you on that profile page, causing anxiety.
    Can I get to those LR's? Will I ever finish these?
  3. Now they're all jumbled in with all the other lists, hiding.
  4. But they long to be free!!
    Or, in my case, put out of their misery. #delete
  5. So scroll down your list queue and post.
    Even if it's not ready, complete, or "on brand."
  6. Add the 📂 emoji and any winter-ish emoji to the title. ❄️☃️☁️🌬⛄️🌫🌨
    An indicator that maybe you're not sure it's up to your standards, or you don't want to let the List Requester down but know you otherwise may not have gotten to it....
  7. More lists are better than none.
    And it's not like you have to worry about it Trending or anything. #TooSoon?
  8. Join me, won't you?