It's October, fellow li.sters. It's time to #LetItFall 🍂📂
  1. Got a list that's not quite done but been sitting in Drafts for a while?
    Let it fall 🍂📂
  2. Feel like an idea isn't quite fully flushed out in a list and not sure it ever will be?
    Let it fall 🍂📂
  3. Haven't listed in a while and got a case of li.sters block?
    Make a list that just says "hi" and let it fall 🍂📂
  4. Got so many Drafts you're embarrassed and ashamed and living in fear of being shunned because of your epic Drafts number?
  5. See you in the feed/Notifications 🍂📂
    Giphy downsized medium