1. The community is full of users that I appreciate and enjoy interacting with pretty much daily.
  2. I will be trying to thank you today; possibly for an interaction I appreciated, for a list, for being you.
  3. Somewhere in a list deep in your profile, you may get a comment from me.
    No response is required - I'd actually rather you use your response/comment to thank another user.
  4. I encourage you to express your thankfulness towards the community today.
  5. Whether in a backlist comment, a public list, a LR message, however you see fit.
    Go through your recent ❤️ or 💾 lists or your Follower list if you need inspiration.
  6. It's great to get a notification. And even better to know you're appreciated, even if it's just one person.
  7. Don't wait to get one - pay it forward. You're thinking of someone right now, while you read this.
    Let them know you appreciate them or a list or an interaction you've had. Don't be shy, don't hold back - if you can't do it here on, where else can you do it??
  8. Thank you.