It feels weird to do any type of "look at me" list, and that's not the intent here. I'm still floored anyone reads my lists, let alone ❤️ or 🔁. But I am a stat nerd, and there are stats available to analyze on I started the spreadsheet for list 300 but decided against it then and now I'm all "F it just do it" so here ya go....
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    Profile snapshot
    At time of posting this list, which is when the stats were frozen in time. The first (hopefully) ❤️ changes all the statistics.....
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    Stats about my first 399 lists:
    Special shout-out to @supercommonname who was the first I saw to do this type of list/analysis.
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    Number of lists: 399
    This is my 400th so it's not included.
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    Number of weeks on 44
    Using first published list date of 10/27/15, I was however on for a week or two previously reading/lurking...
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    Average lists posted per week: 9
    Whoa 😳. Is that too much? Yes. That's too much. I need to reduce the frequency, Kenneth.
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    Total Number of ❤️ received: 11,151
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    Total Number of 🔁 received: 2,195
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    Number of comments: 7,446
    This number is skewed because it includes my comments, but was easy enough to tally at the same time as likes and relists.
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    Average number of ❤️ per list: 27.95
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    Average number of 🔁 per list: 5.50
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    Average number of comments per list: 18.66
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    Number of lists with over 50 ❤️: 43 (10.78%)
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    Number of lists with over 100 ❤️: 10 (2.51%)
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    Number of lists with over 150 ❤️: 2 (.50%)
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    Number of lists with over 200 ❤️: 1 (.25%)
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    Number of lists to make the Trending list first page (aka 🎉CONFETTI!!!🎉): ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    No way to track this unless I was keeping track diligently. And I'm not. But I like it. #realtalk
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    Number of lists Featured: 3
    So incredibly arbitrary IMHO. It is a special thrill that I sincerely hope everyone experiences at least once.
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    Number of List Request "Direct Messages" posted as lists by other users: 2
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    Number of lists with Rankings: 43 (10.78%)
    About what I thought.
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    Number of lists about parenting/kids: 33 (8.27%)
    More than I thought.
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    Number of lists containing 🌅: 30 (7.52%)
    Less than I thought.
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    Number of lists about sports: 27 (6.77%)
    Surprisingly high considering what a niche topic it is here on
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    Number of lists about Seinfeld: 15 (3.76%)
    Less than I thought. This included other Jerry Seinfeld topics beyond the actual show.
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    So yeah, what did I learn from doing this meaningless exercise?
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    I list too much. More than 1 list a day is overkill. 😳
    And that doesn't account for the fact that I don't post a list on most weekends. I'm a DayLi.ster™, which means I have most of my activity fall between 7 am - 3 pm Eastern US time. Ugh.
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    After 400 lists, I guess I have a "brand." Some amalgam of sunrise/Seinfeld/positivity/pop-culture/rankings/comment guy?
    I could probably stand to post a few more parenting/kid lists - I didn't want to become "the triplet guy" when I started, and I'm still a little reluctant to post too much personal stuff.....
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    Probably should back-channel for direct messaging rather than LR.
    Yes it takes longer but you can delete it and it won't get posted....
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    I like it here, and I like you.