List App Screenshot Nostalgia

Stumbled upon my collection of screenshots from long ago, take a trip down memory lane with me (don't act like you don't have some too). Share any you want, #NoJudgement
  1. β€’
    My first B.J. Interaction
  2. β€’
    My first confetti (I believe)
    At one point, if/when your list made the first page of the Trending list, you got an animated confetti pop-up like this.... also, biz πŸ’”
  3. β€’
    First Featured List
    See there used to be a main page that had some Featured lists at the top and a Trending list that was constantly changing....
  4. β€’
    Featured confetti
  5. β€’
    Just me and Snoop chillin'
  6. β€’
    Oh πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Paul and Mindy
  7. β€’
    Top Trending
    One of the few not during the day #DayLi.sterβ„’
  8. β€’
    Take that, @tombatten and @marymurphy 😎
    Also Lena Dunham
  9. β€’
    Me and the Listfather
    Also, ChrisK
  10. β€’
    Me and Rachel Ray 😎
  11. β€’
    That one time B.J. opened up DM's to everyone.....
  12. β€’
    Just do it, nobody is looking anyways.....
  13. β€’
    Funfetti was fun.
    Suggested by Β  @barefootmeds
  14. β€’
    First time reading @BWN_7 's List App Screenshot
    Suggested by Β  @CheckeredOwl
  15. β€’
    6/1/2016 The good old days. 😭
    Only a year ago. Wow. Someday I'll do a nostalgia list with the virtual accolades. All I have left to accomplish is getting on IG. Come on HQ, there must be one worthy line I've written! πŸ˜‰
    Suggested by Β  @angela3950
  16. β€’
    When the logo was a list/L and not a dot
    Suggested by Β  @amieshmamie
  17. β€’
    Suggested by Β  @Boogie
  18. β€’
    Suggested by Β  @Boogie
  19. β€’
    When a Minhal like and relist was the early predictor of making to featured
    Suggested by Β  @amieshmamie
  20. β€’
    When we all knew our stats
    Suggested by Β  @amieshmamie
  21. β€’
    The BJ like
    Suggested by Β  @amieshmamie
  22. β€’
    When relists were alive and well
    @gwcoffey This is still one of my favorite lists.
    Suggested by Β  @amieshmamie
  23. β€’
    Blessed confetti
    Suggested by Β  @amieshmamie
  24. β€’
    Back when B.J. was cool
    Suggested by Β  @gagneet
  25. β€’
    My first ever trending list
    That old logo πŸ’”
    Suggested by Β  @gagneet
  26. β€’
    This day when some of the men of list made me laugh so damn hard.
    Suggested by Β  @jennifergster
  27. β€’
    The proudest moment of my list career lol
    Suggested by Β  @sarahsmith4
  28. β€’
    Suggested by Β  @Boogie
  29. β€’
    I had to scroll through my DM's with @angela3950 to find this, bc I didn't save it or ANY of my trending or confetti screenshotsπŸ˜‘
    Suggested by Β  @cvlop61
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    Suggested by Β  @andersun
  31. β€’
    Suggested by Β  @andersun
  32. β€’
    Suggested by Β  @andersun
  33. β€’
    The first BJ comment and like that cemented my love of list and made me famous in all of my friends' eyes.
    Suggested by Β  @justjills
  34. β€’
    Last one!
    Suggested by Β  @justjills
  35. β€’
    A Washington Post follow seemed like a big deal at the time...
    Suggested by Β  @justjills
  36. β€’
    That time I got a BJ list request.
    It was NBD, I just screenshotted it in three different places (in notifications, list requests and in the completed list where it says "Requested by..." at the top.
    Suggested by Β  @justjills
  37. β€’
    First time trending
    With a modest 14 likes.
    Suggested by Β  @justjills
  38. β€’
    BJ like
    Suggested by Β  @k8zinker
  39. β€’
    Suggested by Β  @k8zinker
  40. β€’
    Suggested by Β  @k8zinker
  41. β€’
    I *may have killed the mass list request this day
    Suggested by Β  @k8zinker
  42. β€’
    Not even a BJ comment on a BJ Pick Up Lines List would merit a follow πŸ˜”
    Suggested by Β  @LeahG
  43. β€’
    That time my list knocked Mindy's off the top trending spot 😁
    Suggested by Β  @Boogie
  44. β€’
    Suggested by Β  @DawnCloud
  45. β€’
    And most of these. I miss my Luddite list life.
    Suggested by Β  @supercommonname
  46. β€’
    Just me and @john
  47. β€’
    Top Trending with @lenadunham
  48. β€’
    I couldn't believe I got confetti for this one. The list took me about 30 seconds.
    Suggested by Β  @roche
  49. β€’
    I tell people at bars BJ knows all the guys I've slept with.
    It's become a great conversation starter.
    Suggested by Β  @michellejennifer
  50. β€’
    I went deep into my cloud for this!
    Thanks for this list, I'm happy to know I still have these mementos from before I accidentally turned off my confetti!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I will always cherish those features, trending moments!
    Suggested by Β  @karlalucia
  51. β€’
    WHY @stevecady is this a related list??
    Suggested by Β  @LeahG