🙏🏼 let this happen 🙏🏼 great LR @k8zinker, thank you! ❤️
  1. Giphy
  2. All Of My Porsches, Ranked
    (Hopefully 99 items is enough?)
  3. Initial Thoughts About li.st
  4. Names For Children I Detest
  5. Things You Should Never Say To Me If We Meet Someday
  6. Character Names On The Show That Are Real People's Names
  7. Top 10 Favorite Movies, Ranked
  8. Seinfeld Costars, Ranked
  9. My Favorite Memories Of Garry Shandling (RIP)
  10. Jobs I Would Have Enjoyed Had Comedy Not Worked Out
  11. Top 10 Favorite Rooms To Do Stand-Up In, Ranked
  12. Why I Love Sneakers So Much
  13. Things Larry David And I Disagree On
    Maybe a series of lists?
  14. Top 10 Favorite Mets All-Time, Ranked
  15. Historical Figures I Would Love To Have On "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee"
  16. Why I Would Never Host A Talk Show
  17. Top 5 Favorite Jokes, Ranked
  18. Some Pictures Of Early "Seinfeld" Scripts/Notes
    There's got to be some, right?
  19. Daily Routines I Could Do Without
  20. People I've Been Pleasantly Surprised By
  21. Things I Hope My Children Will Say About Me Some Day
  22. That Time I Caught Someone Stealing My Material
  23. One Childhood Memory I'd Go Back And Relive
  24. Reasons I Love New York City, Ranked
  25. Joke(s) I Could Never Get Quite Right
    Stand-up "white whale" - seems like most stand ups have one/some.....
  26. I'll Never Stop Doing Stand-Up Because...