This would be circa 2001...
  1. Dave Matthews Band songs and the girls I associate them with
  2. My New Year's Eve 2000 in London
  3. Top 10 Ford Mustangs
  4. Why Michael Jordan is the GOAT
    Subtitle - Kobe Bryant is a weak imitation and who does this LeBron guy (and ESPN) think he is???
  5. Reasons I Love My Lexus IS300
  6. Why The Bears Will Win The Super Bowl This Year
    13-3 with Jim Miller as QB...
  7. Why The Bears Didn't Win The Super Bowl This Year
  8. Walter Payton Is The NFL RB GOAT
    Don't even come at me with Barry "No Mas" Sanders or Emmitt Smith, bro
  9. Must-Haves For My Future Wife
  10. Why Life For Me Will End At 30
    Like, OMG I'll be so old then, how will I even go on???
  11. Favorite Places I've Skiied
  12. Favorite Places I've Scuba Dived. Diven. Dove??