Live*-Listing The Giants Game ⚾️

*Kinda. For @supercommonname and @andersun and @Kee_mcg and @HisDudeness and the other ⚾️ listers I can't think of because of 🍺
  1. McCovey Cove on the way in.
  2. In the outfield or something.
  3. Cranes (and the right field wall/scoreboard).
  4. Pretty nice view. Wish our seats were here.
  5. MadBum first pitch.
  6. They're playing the Brewers.
  8. It's not that damn cold sweetheart.
  9. I feel like this guy says "bro" a lot.
  10. Sammy Hagar is here!!!!
  11. Bumgarner got a strikeout to end the uncomfortable inning of racial tension.
  12. Is that a headband or the sleeve off a thick-ass sweatshirt?
  13. Cute Giants kid up past his bedtime, call CPS!
  14. What kind of name is "Buster?!?" @supercommonname
    J/K he's 4-4 after this AB so I can't bust his chops too hard.
  15. Horses or giraffes?
  16. Um...?
  17. Bumgarner leaves after 113 pitches and picking off the runner on first with 2 outs.
  18. Good singalong.
  19. Cool.
  20. Peace out SF