Just give me a million dollars and these ideas can be all yours. 😄I'm sure there will be updates....
  1. An app that locks your phone screen when the vehicle you're driving is in motion.
    Using the technology for key fobs, I'm sure we can have the proximity sensitive enough to know when you're driving vs. a passenger.
  2. A pill you can take that stops your hair from growing.
    For a specific amount of time - then it starts growing again. Also works on finger/toe nails.
  3. Children's plastic plates/cups/bowls/silverware that is dishwasher safe - for the BOTTOM rack.
    And that is affordable.
  4. An app that leverages all the dating research and algorithms found on existing dating websites like eHarmony, Match, etc. - to connect married couples.
    I still can't believe this doesn't exist! Related list here: Why Is There No "Dating" App for Couples??
  5. Butter that is pre-sliced into 1 TBSP sections but still wrapped as a stick.
    Like bread. Maybe the slang will change to "best thing since sliced butter."
  6. Popcorn kernels that disappear (vaporize?) at the temperature that combustion takes place.
    No more kernels stuck between teeth and in gums.