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    I love driving but I hate traffic - luckily I don't get stuck in it very often. My range is about 3.5 hours without needing to stop, as that's usually the most I'll drive before getting on a plane. Some trail mix, a bottle of water, podcasts or 🎶, and I'm GTG.
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    Spend a fair amount of my life traveling, as my list history will attest; I don't mind it the majority of the time, but can understand how it can be anxiety-inducing and stressful if you're not a road warrior. I have TSA pre✔️ and Delta gold status so I'm one of *those* guys.
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    Relaxing, the motion and clickety-clack makes me 💤. Roomier than a plane, with power and more opportunities to get up and walk around; downside is limited routes (here in the Midwest) and rigid schedule. Once took a train with my family to Utah and back (my dad worked for Amtrak for a while) - good times.
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    I have taken the Lake Express Ferry across Lake Michigan, from Muskegon to Milwaukee and back. Drive right on, go upstairs and chillax. It's a wash time-wise, but avoiding Chicago traffic is 👍🏼. It was calm both days, not sure how it would be in rough water.
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    Not very economical, the smell - I don't care if your Grandma Frances gave it to you.
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    It's the romance of the Handsome Cab without the guilt or dander of the equine.
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    Handsome cab
    The worst, especially when the horse has been eating Beefarino.