Of course from this dude's perspective - insert me and Minka Kelly into these scenarios for visualization purposes. Honorable Mention - List App (obvs)
  1. Doctor/PA
    For a physical.
  2. Flight Attendant on an empty flight
    Bonus points if First Class.
  3. Teacher during one-on-one PTC
    Lots of judging going on here in both directions....
  4. Nurse
    For a prostate exam.
  5. Waitress
    Do I make eye contact? Do I stare at the menu? She's leaning over to point at the menu, OMG don't look at her cleavage, she put her hand on my shoulder WTF is that???!
  6. Hair Stylist/Barber
    Hands in the hair, lots of conversation, possibly a rinse or shoulder massage, eye contact in the mirror....
  7. Dental Hygenist
    OMG avoiding eye contact, the stunted "conversation," what is that touching my shoulder as she leans over and looks in my mouth, damnit does my breathe stink, 😳