Partially inspired by @ljsee and her tremendous list here: 25 Ways to Have 25 Years of Marriage
  1. Nothing silly like lose weight, drink more water, work out more, etc.
    I started that in October.
  2. Unfortunately it's not something that's easily measurable or quantifiable.
    Which are key components of effective goals.
  3. To quote @ljsee : "Right doesn't matter."
    "Some of our worst fights were proving who was right. It doesn't really matter."
  4. I've observed the blame game with couples, coworkers, and more specifically, my parents.
    My mother lives in constant fear of doing or saying something wrong; when I was young my dad would make fun of her constantly, and in front of people. As the oldest of three, I was part of he pack that developed in our household, looking for errors or mistakes on which to pounce upon.
  5. He, me, and my siblings got our act together before I got to High School.
  6. My dad has changed, as has their marriage.
    All for the positive, as empty-nesters they have a marriage I admire and readily admit they are the happiest with each other they've ever been.
  7. But I still see it.
  8. In her, and in me.
  9. I'm always having to catch myself.
    Because things happen, and instinct is to diagnose what happened, what went wrong, pinpoint the issue, before moving towards corrective action(s) and/or resolution.
  10. Not to get all "Serenity Prayer" or anything....
    But shit happens. In most situations, how and why don't matter and I can't control it.
  11. Especially with young children.
  12. So my 2016 Resolution is to daily work on not casting blame, or having to be right.
  13. Wish me luck 😀🙏🏼