My 5 Most Hated Sport Teams

Inspired by @aus10 and @andersun, @HisDudeness since he posted before I could, and today's NFC playoff game. Strongly influenced by this list: Sports Teams I Root For
  1. University of Michigan (🏈 first, then all the other sports)
    As a Notre Dame fan familiar with the history, racism and bigotry aimed at the Irish by U of M, they can get f*cked for eternity IMHO. They stole the helmet design from Delaware. They have 0.5 Nat'l Championships since 1948. The "Big House" is a terrible sardine can of a pit to watch a game in. Their fans are irrationally confident in their program - but that matches the undeserved elitist view of the school ("Harvard of the West?! 🙄). Bo Shambechler. The "Fab Five" cheaters. I could go on.
  2. Green Bay Packers 🏈
    Ugh, as a Bears fan their success (especially lately) really chaps my arse. Brett Favre and the adulation for his "love of the game" and all that BS, followed by Aaron Rodgers?!? WTF?!? In that span our best QB has been Jay Cutler 🤢. It started when Charles Martin body-slammed McMahon after the whistle in '86 ( They continue to succeed despite being such a small town/organization, with a guy who I loathe but respect so much in #12. It's awful.
  3. Detroit Pistons 🏀
    Born of the late 80's/early 90's Bulls and their showdowns with the "Bad Boy" Pistons of Isaiah Thomas and Chick Daly. Beyond the "Jordan Rules," which admittedly worked for a while, it was just ugly, thuggish basketball. I said then that if Bill Laimbeer was in flames on the sidewalk in front of me, I wouldn't piss on him to put him out - and I still wouldn't.
  4. Colorado Avalanche 🏒
    Oh man, the blood war between these guys and my Red Wings in the late 90's was epic. Started with a cheap shot by gutless Claude Lemieux on Kris Draper, caving in his face, escalating into multiple brawls where even multiple goalies got into it with 😿(but admittedly talented) Patrick Roy. Plus they were both really really good those years so the stakes were really high. Google "Red Wings Avalanche brawl" and enjoy.
  5. USC Trojans 🏈
    Traditional Notre Dame rival, I hate them because I was raised to - then they earned it with the great (but also cheating) Reggie Bush years. I hate their colors, their beautiful location, their history, their fans, their fight song, and especially their band - what a bunch of clowns.