My Favorites

TV Character Edition. Thanks for the LR @dudleyjoshua !!
  1. Seinfeld Character
    George Costanza aka Bert Harbinson aka Art Vandelay aka Buck Naked
  2. Friend
    Ms. Chanandler Bong
  3. Braverman
    Adam. Fight me.
  4. Breaking Bad Character
    Jesse Pinkman, bitch.
  5. Pritchett
    Jay. #LifeGoals
  6. Simpsons Character
    Ralphie Wiggum
  7. Seaver
  8. Goldberg
  9. How I Met Your Mother Character
  10. The Office Character
    Jim Halpert
  11. Keaton
    Alex P.
  12. Pawnee, Indiana Government Employee
    (fat) Andy
  13. 30 Rock Character
    Jack Donaghy
  14. E.R. Character
    Dr. Green
  15. The League Character
  16. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Character
    Titus Andromedon
  17. Griffin
  18. Heck
    Brick *whisper* Brick
  19. Saved By The Bell Character
  20. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Character
  21. Golden Girl
    Sophia Petrillo
  22. Cheers Character
    Norm Peterson
  23. Just Shoot Me Character
    Dennis Finch
  24. Rules Of Engagement Character
    Jeff Bingham
  25. 90210 Character
    Steve Sanders
  26. Friday Night Lights Character
    The Taylors #MarriageGoals
  27. Litchfield Inmate