Inspired by @andersun and @liana and a Twitter # or whatever.
  1. Corn de-tasseling
    Lasted one whole day - that job suuuucked.
  2. Summer camp counselor
    Probably the best of the 7, TBH.
  3. Fast food restaurant cook
    Used to close after school and practice - ate my weight in fries every week.
  4. College cafeteria worker
    Dishes, mopping floors, checking ID cards, unloading food trucks, whatever needed doing for the 2-hour shift(s).
  5. Greenskeeping staff at public golf course (summer)
    Early mornings, but got to golf for free.
  6. College cafeteria student manager
    Managed stuff.
  7. Greenskeeping staff at private golf course
    Mowed fairways my last 2 summers.