Famous dudes I would love to chill with. Common threads: acting, sports, general down-to-earth vibe. #squadgoals seems too chickish, presented in no particular order:
  1. Patrick Warburton
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    Love his acting, big dude who likes sports and would counter Wahlburg in the beefy dude category. Bonus: a pilot.
  2. JT
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    My top-ranked man crush, he would likely be the best golfer and constantly making everyone laugh, kind of the little brother of the group. If he got too big for his britches I'd text the group a pic of him with the blonde afro and glasses and we'd all laugh about it and then swap newborn stories. Bonus: guitar around the fire on the beach. Double-bonus: J. Biels.
  3. Paul Rudd
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    A glue guy, he would get along with everyone the best and likely coordinate tix to games and tee times. I imagine the worst golfer, he would be in charge of drinks and keep track of gambling debts. Bonus: Anchorman (and Friends) stories.
  4. Mark Wahlberg
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    Wanna-be alpha dog of the group, lead ball-bustah. Would wrestle Warbuton when things got tense before JT breaks the tension. Would start most of the impromptu pick-up games of basketball. Bonus: any of his Entourage or Boston sports buddies hanging out.
  5. Jason Sudekis
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    Buds with Rudd, he'd hang out and likely write sketches with JT, here as the most Everyman of the group and his willingness to do the running man in a red Adidas tracksuit in the background of every selfie, Periscope, or Vine. Bonus: Olivia Wilde.
  6. Jerry Seinfeld
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    Natch. The sage older guy who leverages his immense wealth and success to constantly keep us all in check but not in a douchie way - we are his outlet from family life and the road. Constantly working new material on us, and occasionally about us. Knows all the best spots to eat and hang out, coordinates transportation and primo seats to games and comedic acts. Bonus: there are 7 of us so gets first dibs on the 8th slot for golf, dinner, etc. LD, JLD, etc.