1. So one of our triplet 2.75-year-olds (we'll call him Triplet #1) decided to have a lucid dream at 4 am and start screaming bloody murder.
    Which of course woke up the other two that sleep in the same room.
  2. Not to get all "new math" on you CK, but there's 3 of them and 2 of us.
  3. So we got two of them back to sleep, but lucid Triplet #1 wouldn't go back to sleep.
  4. So we brought him in to our room
  5. Luckily for us, he's the one that once he's up - he's UP.
  6. We turned on the TV but he kept rolling around and not sleeping.
  7. Then the other two woke up at 6.
    So they joined the carnival in our bed, followed at 6:30 by the 6 year-old.
  8. Tried to get some kind of sleep, gave up and walked in to the bathroom and saw this.
    Would have been a great one to get all the stages of. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Started carrying 2 (Triplets #1 and #2) of the boys out to the kitchen for breakfast.
    One in either arm.
  10. Triplet #2 suddenly starts burping.
    But in that "I'm going to yak" kind of way.
  11. I try and get Triplet #1 to the ground and out of the line of fire while also getting off the carpet and on to the kitchen floor.
  12. No such luck.
  13. So Triplet #2 barfs all down my chest and in to Triplet #1's hair and neck as he's trying to resist my attempts at shoving him to safety.
  14. Of course Triplet #1 is confused and mortified and starts screaming.
    Louder as he slips in the vomit and falls to the hard ground.
  15. As I'm on my knees trying to pick Triplet #1 up off the floor, Triplet #2 is standing on the floor at face level to me.
    Which is where barf #2 goes.
  16. Soooooo yeah.
  17. I almost called a few Buicks myself, as I'm a sympathy puker.
    Don't know how I didn't honestly. The smell, you guys. 😷
  18. Anyways, all cleaned up and triage is in full effect.
  19. And now it's afternoon and the morning is over.
  20. Thanks for enjoying my Saturday morning experience(s). 😄
    Remember - it could always be worse!!!!