Inspired by @LeahG and @shanaz and @justjills
  1. Never push notifications
    That brief second while it retrieves notifications (hopefully) is the tiniest little injection of thrill.
  2. Only notifications within the app
    I want to (try and) control when my mind is going to be engaged with
  3. Comment as much as possible, to engage the author and create dialogue
    This is where the connections happen, IMO.
  4. Be as inclusive as possible.
  5. Respond to every comment sent my way
    If possible. Oversights happen though 😬.
  6. Be generous with the ❤️, a little more judicious with the 🔁, and very particular about the 💾
    A hat-trick (❤️🔁💾) is the highest of praise I'm capable of giving your list.
  7. Any list "Inspired by" or Requested by me gets an automatic 🔁
    Tagging me will likely as well. 😊 #realtalk
  8. Read my Notifications, then the Featured/Trending, then the Feed if time
    There's almost never time for the Feed.
  9. Actively work to keep my list of users I follow to under 1k.
    Because 1,000 seems like too many. Criteria for what it takes to be unfollowed are under 🔒 and 🗝.
  10. Constantly updating my list of users with List Notifications turned on
    I live in Notifications and rarely get to the Feed. Criteria for getting this honor also under 🔒 and 🗝.
  11. Embrace the Tidal Wave 🌊
    Like this list; coming up with original content is satisfying, but not always easy. And if we all only did lists of our own there would be about 25 lists posted (when did this change from published BTW??) a day and IMHO that wouldn't be enough content (for me). I wanna see someone's differing opinion on best Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors or the 15th "My Best Tweets" list.
  12. App Auto-Updates: On
    Whenever it happens, learn the updates/changes/new features, leverage them, and keep on listing.
  13. I avoid engaging in politics and religion lists/comments
    I have Twitter and Facebook and family for those, should I feel the need for "spirited discussion." Which I 99% of the time don't. However I do read pretty much all of the lists/comments. 👀😬🍿
  14. Have not had to use (nor been hit by as far as I know) the Blockhammer