Inspired by @andersun (li.stperation here: 100 TELEVISION OFFICE WORKERS, RANKED) and @ladyprofessor (Note - I haven't worked regularly in a physical office in 10+ years, soooo.... Yeah) Not ranked because if they're on this list they're a #1 draft pick.
  1. Chandler Bing - Friends
    Specifically young, neurotic, smoker Chandler. His caustic sarcasm and jaded view on work life would mesh well with my own, and we'd be quick on the WEENUS jokes and coworker-bashing. Core team member.
  2. Jeff Bingham - Rules of Engagement
    Just because he's in my Mantourage™ doesn't mean we can't work together.
  3. David Brent - The Office (U.K.)
    We need a boss to loathe, and it's easy to do with DB - the difference between him and Michael Scott is that Michael Scott *actually* cares about his employees despite his self-centeredness, whereas DB is pretty much just a straight obtuse selfish prick.
  4. Jim Halpert - The Office (U.S.)
    I mean who wouldn't want to work with Jim?!? He's funny, smart, would talk sports, goof around, pull pranks, and be awesome and fun. This is a no-brainer pick.
  5. Jenny Miller - Ground Floor
    She is working class and would be able to hang with the guys and bust balls. Also 😍