Great idea @nathanveshecco !
  1. Road Trips - Underrated
    People fly places now and don't take road trips as much, but I'm a firm believer in some snacks, some tunes, and some open road.
  2. Cold Brew Coffee - Overrated
    Gross. GTFO.
  3. Tina Fey - Underrated
    Women love her, but I don't think she gets the universal credit she deserves for being an amazingly talented and hilarious writer, director, actor, and mom. All of the things she does are gold, even commercials.
  4. Twitter - Overrated
    Sorry Twitter but li.st is where it's at, unless you like being constantly on the edge of getting attacked or cat memes or oppressive character restrictions. Free the characters!!! #li.st2016
  5. Farting - Underrated
    Come on. Farting is never not funny. Like, never ever. And it's a natural bodily function. #DutchOvenFTW