Parenting vs. GSD© (Getting 💩 Done). Trigger warning, I guess. Mostly for me list, could disappear soon.
  1. Ugh.
  2. This time of the year is the worst - from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
    So, soooooooooooooo much has to get done.
  3. It's hard enough to end a day feeling like you were able to give your kids enough time and your spouse enough time and your job enough time......
    Notice I didn't put "yourself enough time" in there.
  4. "Daddy can you read me a book? Daddy can you build Lego's with me?"
    "Daddy can I have a drink? Daddy can I have lunch now? Daddy watch this! Daddy are you listening?" Gah.
  5. During most of the year, keeping the ratio of Parenting to GSD© balanced is variable day-to-day but doable.
    This month? Impossible. Not enough hours in the day.
  6. The payoff is (hopefully) coming. Christmas morning can make it all feel worth it.
    Right? Right?!??!
  7. Soon. It's almost here.