Questions/Comments My 6 Year-Old Had During His First Ever Viewing Of "A Christmas Story"

Last night. 🎄
  1. Does the boy ever talk?
  2. Do they make grown-up jokes in this?
    (As we giggle at the "furnace-fighter" line)
  3. What's that in his (Flicks) mouth?
    Had to explain how it's like a band-aid for his tongue and to never stick his tongue to metal like the idiot kids in the movie. #parenting
  4. What was the word he said??
    Confused why "fuuuuuuudge" was a problem. I'm not sure he has actually ever heard that word......
  5. It's the lamp!
    We have a small leg lamp night light someone gave me many moons ago.
  6. Why does the bully chase them?
    Had to explain bullies a little bit, learned there's a bully jr. on the bus 😡
  7. What's Ovaltine?
  8. NO WAY!!!
    When asked if he'd wear a pink bunny outfit like Ralphie.
  9. How did the bullet hit his glasses?
    Had to explain BB guns and metal ricocheting off the metal sign.