Radical Stuff I Wore in the '90s

Thanks for the LR, RDS!! I wouldn't say these things were "radical" but they would definitely get some side 👀 if I wore them now....
  1. Rope bracelets
    Like, 10 on each wrist. 😬
  2. Pegged Pants
    Specifically Bugle Boy jeans with red paisley underneath that showed when pegged. 😬
  3. B.U.M. Equipment
    Way too oversized sweatshirts. 😬
  4. White College Team Hat
    With something offensive preferably. 😬
  5. Swatch Watch
    Clear jellyfish, with a pink guard. 😬
  6. Oakley Frogskins
    Clear, with purple Uridium lenses. Still have these (see below). 😬
  7. Baller.
  8. Starter Jacket
    Oh hell I'd still wear that if my wife would let me. 😬