I'm usually not inclined to complain about the app, however this is something I've noticed recently and it feels like something that could easily be fixed? Could get deleted quickly....
  1. Now that we're in the age of the curated feed, some (most?) have expressed a feeling of isolation and a struggle with finding new lists/li.sters.
    Is it because of the feed? Or is it because there are less lists and li.sters?
  2. Let's approach it from the new li.ster angle. Pretend you're a new li.ster - you download the app, create a clever user name and profile blurb, etc.
    Then you're prompted to Follow folks - from your contacts, Facebook, and the Recommended list.
  3. Since the Great Recommended List Kerfuffle of 2016, the list was trimmed down and only blue-checks are currently on it.
  4. There are currently 52 Recommended li.sters.
    All blue-checks - if you want to see them select the blue people icon in the upper left corner of your profile screen and select "⭐️ Recommended."
  5. Average number of weeks since their last list:
  6. So now when you log in, your curated feed could look pretty sparse.
  7. Sure we all love B.J. and the li.st team, they're active.
    But think of what you're missing! All the creative, funny, interesting, interactive, supportive, positive li.sters we all know!
  8. Here's the data, if you're interested in thinning your herd a little.
    Yes, I'm a 🤓. I'm very aware.
  9. Static
  10. Can we update this list please? Add more users, even if they're blue-checks - as long as they're active.
  11. Maybe it will help some newer users stick around.....
  12. 🚨Update, the li.st team has made changes.🚨
    Kudos! Based on my recent math, our Recommended list has been trimmed down to 30 users and they average 3 weeks since last list was posted (2 if I take Mindy out, I get why she's still ⭐️). Tremendous improvement from the previous average of 8 weeks! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼