Seinfeld Fictional Movie Posters, Ranked

Almost all of the fictional movies from Seinfeld, inspired months ago by @jaidub and her list Fictional Movies From Seinfeld, Ranked (requested by @ladyprofessor). Not 100% sure who created these. Ranked by how much the poster makes me want to see the movie.
  1. 19.
    Means To An End
    Gah this looks terrifying and there are 18 other films here I'd rather watch - do not want.
  2. 18.
    Cry, Cry Again
    I'm sure my parents would love it. Me, notsomuch.
  3. 17.
    The Muted Heart
    I am lacking the requisite hormones/estrogen to fully appreciate what I'm sure is a modern-day classic.
  4. 16.
    Check Mate
    Great actors, looks boring AF.
  5. 15.
    Blame It On The Rain
    I don't really do musicals, sorry - but I do enjoy all three of these people so if it was on I'd give it a try....
  6. 14.
    Chow Fun
    I'm sure over time I'd see pieces of this on TBS/TNT and eventually have seen the whole thing.
  7. 13.
    Ponce de León
    This just looks like it's too long and drawn out and boring but also I'd want to give it a chance because Ponce is a good story.
  8. 12.
    Brown Eyed Girl
    A quirky rom-com that I'd begrudgingly agree to watch as payback for making her watch "Death Blow" (which she won't admit she actually enjoyed).
  9. 11.
    Historically this feels like a story that actually could be interesting, but casting these two makes me think it's a Hollywood cast-off that gets released in February...
  10. 10.
    Feels like something I'd watch on HBO Go if/when there's not anything else to watch.
  11. 9.
    Agent Zero
    A cheap Bond knock-off that I'd watch if there wasn't much else out.
  12. 8.
    Flaming Globes Of Sigmund
    No real context, other than it's Clooney in space. I'd like to think it's happened to his character after floating off into space in "Gravity," so I would watch it.
  13. 7.
    Rochelle Rochelle
    I'm not saying that I wouldn't not watch it, being Anne Hathaway..... and I'm not saying that I wouldn't not not watch it if it happened to be on in my hotel room..... and I'm not blushing YOU'RE BLUSHING DON'T LOOK AT ME!!
  14. 6.
    Prognosis Negative
    I'm seeing a period piece involving a Chemist (or Dr.) and some kind of super plague - as long as Hugh doesn't sing I'm in.
  15. 5.
    Sack Lunch
    As long as Tina as is a writer, this looks like a rom-com/dramedy that feels like it would satisfy both me and the Mrs.
  16. 4.
    Death Blow
    Statham is 💯 and Tatum doesn't get enough credit for his wide-ranging chops - I think this would be a funny action movie.
  17. 3.
    The Rock has quietly (IMHO) been the legit action movie star with comedy chops whose career we didn't realize is pretty remarkable - these two together is a home run.
  18. 2.
    Cold Fusion
    Leo and J-Law?! I don't even really need to know any more than that TBH.
  19. 1.
    Mountain High
    An action movie set in the 🏔with 4 beautiful people? I'm IN.