Small Moments In "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" That Make Me Giggle 🎄📂

Every. Single. Time. This movie is my favorite Christmas movie and it's not even close - I'd watch it in July if I saw it was on. John Hughes, we miss you you genius. Hopefully these little nuggets help increase your enjoyment when watching this year.....
  1. "Hey kids, look - a deer!"
  2. Clark's hand sticking out of the tree.
    "Looks great! Little full, lotta sap."
  3. The look on Rusty's (young Johnny Galecki's) face when his grandmother offers him a quarter to run the painful burr on her foot.
    "A whole quarter!"
  4. "And why is the carpet all wet, TODD?!?"
    "I don't KNOW Margo!" A quote I use all year.
  5. The announcer during the telecast of the parade on as white noise in the living room while the grandfathers snore.
    "At this point I can't even see the nuts. Oh, here they are! Here come the nuts!"
  6. When Clark can't get a good grip on the ladder after stapling his sleeve to the house.
  7. Rusty trailing off on his way into the house after exclaiming "WOO! Look at the time!"
    "Gotta go to bed, brush my teeth, feed the hog, still got some homework to do, do the laundry, wash the car, still got those bills to pay....."
  8. The Bears pennant on the wall in Rusty's room - I had the exact same one on my wall growing up.
  9. "I have to eat, so I can take my back pill!"
    Another classic used year-round.
  10. The burger/fries/soda picture on the side of the basement fridge.
  11. Eddie shows up wearing some kind of onesie that's too small, over a shirt with cows on it.
  12. Eddie going in for a lip-to-lip kiss on Ellen.
  13. Eddie's black dickie under a white sweater.
  14. The Walley World mugs.
  15. The presents in Mr. Shirley's office are all the same shape.
    Including Clark's.
  16. The Wal-Mart has a graffitied dumpster right in front of the main entrance for Clark to run into at the end of the sled ride from hell.
  17. All the random things in Clark's office.
    Including "Oatie's" and a floating hot dog.
  18. Eddie's wife-beater tucked into his leopard speedo.
  19. These window treatments.
  20. The grandfathers arguing in the dining room as Clark comes downstairs before seeing Eddie emptying the RV septic.
    "I had two K-rations, two containers of K-rations!!!"
  21. The lightbulbs Clark puts in the grocery cart seconds before Eddie smashes them with a giant bag of "Ol' Roy."
    Of course they're in the same aisle.
  22. "If it wouldn't be too much, I'd like to get you somethin', Clark, somethin' ..."
    "....really nice." Another year-rounder.
  23. The cat moving in the present after Rusty says "this box is meowing."
  24. Eddie determines it's lime after a taste test of Ellen's finger.
  25. Uncle Lewis getting his point across to Aunt Bethany.
  26. Eddie can't get his fingers right for prayer.
    Before Aunt Bethany says the Pledge of Allegiance as grace 🙏🏼
  27. The sound the turkey makes when it's cut open.
  28. The sounds of the silent table struggling through Catherine's dry turkey.
  29. Ellen flings the food off her fork before pretending to take a bite.
  30. Eddie takes a bite off the serving spoon before putting it on his plate.
  31. The Halloween bowl with the Santa sticking out of it.
  32. The delivery guy rips the door knocker and wreath off when Clark opens the door.
  33. The delivery guy has flip-up sunglasses on at night for some reason.
  34. These light fixtures.
    Unrelated - this house layout reminds me of the Dunphy house on "Modern Family."
  35. When Margot goes over to confront Clark, the wreath is back on the front door.
  36. When the cops storm the house and Ellen grabs Clarks package.
  37. Merry Christmas!!