We (humans) are all occupying this orb together, and we have moments every day where you and I have a choice with how we will address it - which has an affect on our fellow man/woman...... Feel free to add suggestions!
  1. The overhead bin
    I know it costs money to check a bag. And I know you are more important than the rest of us on this giant bus of the sky. But putting a roller-bag, giant purse/backpack, and shopping bag from Macy's in the overhead we all have to share so that your toes are free to move under the seat in front of you with impunity is SELFISH. Please don't.
  2. Lead car in the left turn lane
    That light will only be green for a few tantalizing seconds, and in heavy traffic, the lead car determines whether it's one car that gets through or a bunch. That is a lot of power, so if you're in the pole position, on behalf of everyone behind you - PAY ATTENTION!! No looking at your phone, no changing stations on the radio, nothing other than staring at that light like a drag racer, ready to slam your foot on the gas the second that light turns green.
  3. Paying for things in public
    Coffee, cafeteria food, movie/concert tickets, whatever - if you start digging in your pocket or purse at the moment of transaction you have failed us all and I am silently cursing you further back in the line.
  4. Turning right on red
    Come on people, look alive!!! Staring at your bumper (which probably has a "coexist" sticker on it) while you sit there for a couple beats, then put your blinker on, then inch closer to the intersection, trying to decide if you should pull on to the COMPLETELY EMPTY ROAD is enough to make me use ALL CAPS!!!!! See what you've done??!??
  5. Side note. I may have a road rage problem. 😡
  6. Blocking the entire moving walkway at the airport
    It's not a ride. People are hustling to make a flight and have no other options once they've committed to that stretch of mechanical conveyance, and your roller bag, backpack, purse, and shopping bag (all of which I know you're going to try and cram in the overhead amiright) are stopping everyone behind you. You can even skip the shocked "oops, sorry!" and/or look of disgust at my frantic "please move" if you WILL JUST MOVE YOUR CRAP!!!!!
  7. Ordering at a table with a group of people
    Please only allow the waiter/waitress to pass you once, and only once. By that second time up in the rotation, you have sufficiently annoyed the person bringing all our food out and risked them offering to come back. That costs everyone 20 more minutes, minimum - so STFU and make a decision NOW. I'd be OK with a "meal forfeit" card that the group could hand you (like on Survivor) if you're waffling too much, and you would have to make due with crackers/bread and other's scraps...
  8. Holding the door open
    Look behind you when exiting or entering ANY building to see if you should be holding the door open for someone. It takes literally 2 seconds, and often, it makes someone's day.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  9. Eye contact
    Maybe it's because I'm southern and a little older than y'all, but eye contact and politeness goes a LONG way with me. Look people in the eye when you address them, be polite and pleasant (but not overly so) and your interactions will go much better.
    Suggested by @jhope71
  10. Driving and driving only
    No texting, no eating, stop calling your best buddy, put the phone away, set your make up kit down, prioritize. Especially if I'm the passenger. I'm not in the mood for a wreck today.
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester