Some Excuses For Not Attending The Party - Through History 📂🍂

  1. I can't walk that far without being attacked and/or eaten.
  2. I have to stockpile provisions for the winter.
  3. I must tend the fire, lest it go out.
  4. My boots are being cobbled.
  5. My horse threw a shoe.
  6. This butter isn't going to churn itself.
  7. My wagon wheel broke a spoke.
  8. I've got to get up early to milk the cows.
  9. My car has no gas and there's an embargo.
  10. My answering machine ate the tape that must have had the invitation message on it.
  11. My car overheated.
  12. I've got a bunch of tapes to return or else I'll get a fine.
  13. I never got the invite in the mail.
  14. I never saw the invitation in my email.
  15. Mapquest took me to the wrong address.
  16. I haven't been getting my texts.