Based on memories associated and how much I liked saying the name when giving my address to someone.
  1. Woodlake Rd
    Lived in a dumpy apartment with my wife and 1-year old while our house was being built. One of the lowest, most stressful stretches of my life.
  2. Strawberry Ct
    What a stupid name, felt like a little girl every time I had to give someone my address. An apartment for 3 years after college.
  3. St. James
    A condo where other streets are "Boardwalk" and "Park Place," I can think of lots of more desirable Monopoly street names. No "Drive" or "Street" or "Lane" which is confusing.
  4. Meadow Run Dr
    Our first house, brought our first son home here. Good name, although had to always say "two words."
  5. Joan Dr
    Where I grew up, my parents still live here. Lots of great memories. Ours was a corner lot, and bordered a wood - I spent hours and hours out there making forts and playing "war" with the neighbor kids. There were lots of kids near my age, and we would go out in the morning and not come back until dinner or dark.
  6. Byron Shores Dr
    Built this (current) house, brought the triplets home here, great sunrises!