Suggest the Worst Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Sitting in Day 3 of This Meeting

Make your worst suggestion(s), if I'd rather do the activity you suggest I'll add it to the list (but only if you ❤️ the list because we need to adjust this barbaric behavior of commenting/suggesting without the ❤️ (myself included)).....
  1. 💤
  2. At least when I turn around I get a good view
  3. Another pic for @margaretyoko
  4. One more for @margaretyoko
  5. Last one
  6. Getting text alerts from your list app friends all day when you're trying to concentrate on work a la @kate81 ?
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  7. Dental surgery without painkilling sedation
    Suggested by   @andersun
  8. Trying to remove bedbugs that your teen-aged son brought back from Cancun
    Suggested by   @reconditioner
  9. Moooon River
    Suggested by   @bdot
  10. Reading one of @dad3 long ass lists.
    Suggested by   @HisDudeness
  11. Chew Glass
    Suggested by   @kate81