Thanks for the LR (and depressing reminder that summer is going by too quickly) @Dad3 - in no particular order:
  1. Swimming in the above-ground pool in my back yard.
    And playing Marco Polo and making whirlpools dos HOURS.
  2. Playing home run derby for hours in the back yard.
    With a wooden White Sox give-away bat and tennis balls.
  3. Playing "war" in the neighborhood back yards.
  4. Spending the night in the woods playing "war" during the first clear full-moon night of the summer with all the neighborhood kids (at least 12).
    And sleeping in sleeping bags under the stars.
  5. Hearing my mom whistle 3 blasts on the whistle signaling it was time to come home.
    By the 3rd time, if it was just one loud pissed-off blast, I knew it was my dad and he was not happy.
  6. Eating Popsicles and drinking from the hose.
  7. Building forts in the woods next to my house.
  8. Jumping off the roof of my buddies house into the pool.
    After climbing the antenna on the side of the garage. We got whoopins and the babysitter got fired.
  9. Catching lightning bugs in the back yard.
  10. Going to Lake Michigan to watch the fireworks on the 4th.
    And hearing my dad complain about the crowds/traffic. 😄
  11. Riding bikes around the neighborhood with baseball cards in the spokes.
    And doing skids in the gravel at the end of my driveway.
  12. Playing baseball at the FOP field in town.
    Returned foul/home run balls got you something from the concession stand.
  13. Riding my bike with neighbor kids the 7 miles in to town for milkshakes at the candy store.
  14. Playing youth soccer.
  15. Refereeing youth soccer.
  16. Sitting on the deck watching a storm roll in with my dad.
  17. Learning to drive the riding lawn mower.
  18. Going to a Cubs or White Sox game with the little league team.
  19. Being a camp counselor.
  20. The first summer in our current house.
    When our oldest was 2 and we could get out on the water with little effort (compared to now).
  21. Working on the golf course greens keeping staff.
    Fairway mower was the best.
  22. Visiting my cousin in suburban Chicago.
    He lived in a huge neighborhood and we'd play kick the can every night.