For @nantea @Fitz Columbia House FTW!
  1. DC Talk
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    I had this one signed after seeing them in South Bend, IN
  2. DC Talk - Nu Thang
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  3. DC Talk - Free At Last
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  4. Michael W. Smith - The Big Picture
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  5. Michael W. Smith - Change Your World
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  6. Michael W. Smith - I'll Lead You Home
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  7. Michael W. Smith - The Wonder Years
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    Also a terrific TV show - Winnie Cooper 😍😍
  8. Steven Curtis Chapman - Real Life Conversations
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  9. Steven Curtis Chapman - More To This Life
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  10. Steven Curtis Chapman - For The Sake Of The Call
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    Look at that glorious mullet. 👍
  11. Steven Curtis Chapman - The Great Adventure
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  12. Steven Curtis Chapman - Heaven In The Real World
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  13. Jars Of Clay
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  14. Jars Of Clay - Much Afraid
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  15. Carman - Live: Radically Saved
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