Great request!!! I'm a fairly simple guy, few things being me down, these are the things that I (currently) get great joy from...
  1. My sons giggles when I tickle them. 😄
    It makes my ❤️ sing and feel like it's going to explode with joy.
  2. Good music 🎶
    My mood is easily bumped up 2 notches on the joy-meter when a good, upbeat song that I ❤️ comes on and I can crank it up.
  3. Being on the water. 🏄🏻🎣🚣🏻🚤🏖
    Is it summer yet? 😕
  4. Driving with nowhere to be. 🛣
    This doesn't happen much anymore, but putting the top down (or opening the sunroof) on a nice day and just cruising around..... *sigh*
  5. Being on the slopes. ⛷
    At the top, in the quiet of falling snow, getting ready for first tracks down the mountain on fresh pow or corduroy...❤️❤️
  6. Seeing my List App feed fill up with Lists I've Requested. 📄
    Right Jess? It's a rush!!
  7. Being on the golf course. 🏌
    ☀️, 75 degrees, a good buddy, a 🍺, and I'm 👌🏼
  8. A good sunrise. 🌅
    Duh. 😄 I never used to like mornings, but after 6 years straight of being up for 99% of them, the alternative is a real bummer. So I try and ☕️ and 🙂 and if it's a good one 📸
  9. A really good LOL. 😂
    Good comedy. A funny List. An episode (or even just remembering a scene) of Seinfeld. Something my wife or kids say. Finding a reason to laugh keeps me going and is a constant search.
  10. Reading/learning about something new. 📖
    I have to keep learning, even if it's just one thing each day. Getting on a plane with a new book or article is ❤️ for me.
  11. Seeing a new movie with a plot that surprises/entertains me. 🎬
    Very rare. Most stuff is formulaic and predictable, although I'll admit I have seen too many (and have a cursed ability to remember waaaay too much).
  12. Seeing my kids grow up before my eyes. 😊
    It goes by so fast, but when I pull back from the daily grind and see where they are and look back at where we've been..... ❤️❤️❤️❤️