#Tripocalypse™ #😷
  1. The aching, deep in your bones, knowing how badly you need it.
  2. But they're coming.
  3. At some point, they will come.
  4. Into the room.
  5. Maybe like the angels they are: quietly sneaking in and snuggling up and raising your body temperature and slowly pushing you to the edge.
  6. But more likely they will come like the hounds of hell: barking a cough, screaming, crying out, fully awake and unwilling to be still and return to slumber, burning up, sweating.
  7. Bedtime was once a time to look forward to, to savor, knowing rest would come and refresh and revitalize for the day to follow.
  8. Now it comes too soon; with consciousness comes a higher level of compassion, a willingness to deal, an ability to comprehend and persevere.
    Sleep knows none of those things.
  9. The Dread.
  10. Sleep well, li.st - someone should.