Things I Feel Compelled to Finish

Like, very strongly.
  1. A puzzle.
    Unless it's 1,000 pieces. I have kids now, not time. So we only do little ones we can complete in one sitting (whew).
  2. A TV episode or Movie.
    Can't stop in the middle and finish later. Can't. Must be viewed in its entirety in one sitting, I want to absorb what is being presented in that moment, not two (or more).
  3. Any sentence.
    How could you leave that sentence just hanging there without finishing it?!? 😠 It deserves to be completed. You started it, have the common decency to finish it. Or I will, usually with a condescending assumptive ending and a dramatic "?" or a sarcastic emphatic "!" My wife is a big fan of this..... Flaw? Skill!
  4. A can of Pringles.
    I mean the smaller ones where there are 2 servings - HA! This may occasionally apply to the full size can as well. 😔
  5. An article.
    Can't stop and come back. If I'm interrupted I get 😡 and have to calm myself, and will likely have to start back over at the beginning.
  6. Lego sets.
    My oldest is ob.sessed. with Legos, and I can't let him start a set and not finish it. It's also difficult for me to see sets we've completed laying in his room with pieces missing, but I've come to grips with that.
  7. Food on a plate.
    A vestige of my poor upbringing, wasting food feels wrong; not good for the waistline to have those last 3 bites (or a toddlers half a meal)...
  8. But not books.
    I have books I've started and never finished, and books I've read bits and pieces of over time. If it's not intriguing, or I have a long way to go, I tend to put it off.