While I have a chance to guide/steer them....
  1. Failure
    Character can't grow without the fertile soil of failure. Whether it's a lost board game, or a bad grade, or a race with their brothers, I am firmly against the Participation Trophy movement.
  2. Success
    How to help instill or develop grit? Some of it involves knowing the satisfaction of earned success.
  3. The Good Life
    What I define that as (constantly evolving). Everyone's is different.
  4. Humble Pie
    Seeing others better than yourself and recognizing that work is needed to achieve a goal. Being confident, yet humble is an admirable combo but difficult to attain.
  5. Crow
    This will happen naturally, but doing it properly takes some guidance, some practice, and some guidance.
  6. Dessert
    Making sweets elusive, a reward, or something special and/or rare made me crave it more growing up. Trying to instill good eating habits both by force and by example.
  7. Poor
    As in both something in poor taste (eg. my wardrobe), and how those less fortunate than us live.
  8. New York
    What they call pizza, at a minimum - then they'll understand why Daddy is firm on his stance that Chicago pizza is superior.
  9. The High Life
    Miller, I want them to understand adult beverages are for adults and what they do to you. Not that I plan to let my kids get drunk (there are plenty of those parents in my neighborhood 😬), but I also don't want to make them a forbidden fruit drawing them. Daddy can have fun without alcohol, and when he does have it, he's in control and responsible.
  10. The Rainbow
    Not just a Skittles slogan. I want them to experience varied walks of life and cultures, both ethnically and lifestyle/orientation.