Feel free to publish your own by long-pressing the title (change the last word to "Mother" if you're not a dude - duh) and save me the trouble of LR'ing all of you wonderful people....
  1. Pepper into conversation lines from old TV shows and movies to the delight of only themselves.
  2. Say "follow me!" when asked "where are we going?" from the back seat.
    A time-honored tradition. #DadJoke
  3. Hate commercials with a passion and make sarcastic comments if/when forced to watch them.
  4. Open doors for women, always.
  5. DVR Notre Dame/Bears games to watch late at night, avoiding social media if it's a big game.
    Both to maximize time with family and to be able to focus.
  6. Make up silly nicknames for their kids.
  7. Drive with reserved aggression and hyper-vigilance, using the ubiquitous term "idiot!" when referring to all other drivers.
  8. Saying "That's What She Said."
    No matter the situation/context.
  9. Take pictures of sunrises and sunsets.
  10. Pick their fingers when nervous.
    Specifically the skin on the inside of the thumb with the index fingernail.
  11. Say the answer to a question with such authority and conviction that nobody questions it.
    Except their significant other.
  12. Go get the mail as soon as it arrives.
    Even though there is nothing of value in there. Ever.
  13. Become visibly irritated when faced with unexpected construction and/or traffic.
  14. Be annoying AF by randomly asking "guess what?"
    A: Chicken butt.
  15. Load the dishwasher like a champion.