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Things You Can Do on the Lake Pictured in My Sunrise Photographs

Some of you participate in my DayLister™ and sunrise threads, I like taking sunrise pictures (see here: Good Morning - Some Recent Random Sunrise Pics on My Phone ). It's a 60 acre man-made lake.
  1. Lounge
    Square cuts off my oldest, who is sitting to the left 😕
  2. Swim
    The kids love jumping off the dock...
  3. Fish
    That's my FIL with a 44-inch Northern Pike he caught from shore. Bass are awesome, peak season I can catch 19-25 inchers every cast. Blue Gills are too abundant IMO....
  4. Surf
    Very popular on our lake - I'm learning but am happy to drive you....
  5. Seadoo
    We sold ours last summer - the lake across the street doesn't allow them.
  6. Waterski
    Not me, bad knees. I do my Skiing on snow, but I'd be happy to pull you.
  7. Tube
    Also not me, but I'll be happy to drag you around in circles for hours.
  8. Paddleboard
    We have one and I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ going around the lake.
  9. Kayak
    Me and my oldest last summer
  10. Ice fishing
    I don't but my neighbors do.
  11. Ice skating/Hockey
    Neighbor has a party every February, I'm looking forward to playing with my boys.
  12. Snowmobiling
    Not me but folks do drive through/around.